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A Holistic/Mindfulness Based Approach

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Psychotherapy, once reserved for the mentally ill, has evolved into an opportunity to discover what keeps us from living joyous, pleasurable lives and finding ways to get what we want in life. More than ever, in these days of great uncertainty, there is good reason to develop connection, confidence, clarity and consciousness.

Our adult behavior is largely based on childhood experiences and perceptions. As children, we are dependent, needy and vulnerable. Children protect themselves from hurt and pain by developing defenses. Defenses are instinctive, automatic, and help us survive, however, they dampen the spirit.

As adults, we are better prepared to take care of ourselves but now, those entrenched defenses can block us from what we want in life. Examples of defensive behavior are: withdrawal, denial, rage, despair, masking, controlling behavior, judgment of ourselves and others, dependency, jealousy, resentment, inadequacy, and blaming.

Defenses are both outer and inner directed. Although some defense is necessary, too much defense closes us off to ourselves as well as others. Holistically based psychotherapy helps us to balance our focus, leading us to relate more fully and clearly to the outer world from the sacred world within. When we interact with our environment in this way, we begin to access our authentic power.

Alice Maltbie

About Alice Maltbie

Alice is a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

She is a gradute of Hakomi: Body Centered Psychotherapy, certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

She is a mosaic artist and has worked in mental health for over 30 years.

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